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Your September '23 ALL Stars

Your September '23 ALL Stars

At the beginning of the month, we announced that you could nominate any Avon Schools employee who you feel embodies our mission: ALL belong, learn, and grow. You nominated 61 staff members, a volunteer, a team, and a therapy dog — It's true! — and we have shared your encouraging comments with them.

Here's just a sample of your comments about the many ways these ALL Stars make our mission a reality:

  • "[She] is an absolute gem! My oldest daughter had her for 5th grade, and I really cannot say enough good things about her. ... She lifts lifts her students up and makes sure they know their worth. She is the best teacher ever. My daughter says she wants to be a teacher after having [her], so she can have the same impact on children's lives."
  • "He is ready and willing to help with any student in the building that needs help. His knowledge about what students need and why is such an asset to our building. He ALWAYS takes the time to build a relationship with students so they know they are in a safe environment. We would be lost without [him]."
  • "She has embraced the team-teaching model to help teachers belong, learn, and grow along with the students."
  • "[She] finds greatness in each and every student we serve."
  • "[He] goes above and beyond for the students and tries to meet them where they are. He’s kind, loving, patient, and has an ENORMOUS heart. My son absolutely loves [him]."
  • "[She] is always on time to drop off and pick up my wheelchair-bound student. She is always cheerful, friendly, and positive! She has built a great relationship with my student and her family. ... I truly think she has found her calling and is a great asset to Avon Schools!"
  • "[She] has been volunteering in my classroom every Tuesday for 11 years! She began volunteering when I had her grandson in kindergarten, and she was looking for volunteer opportunities after the loss of her husband. Well, 11 years later, she is still coming to help the students and staff every Tuesday."

We are grateful for our ALL Stars. Be sure to watch for the October nominations to open in just a couple of weeks. Let's keep the positivity and encouragement flowing! 

September '23 ALL Stars

Abigail Hall, Maple Amy Beliles & Franklin, AIS East Amy Chisham, River Birch
Abigale Hall, Cedar Beth Tharp, AHS Bonnie Booher, Pine Tree
Ben Taylor, Maple Impact Team, Cedar Chris Hill, AHS
Breann Ruiz, Maple Debbie Clouse, Transportation Donna Kimmell, AMS North
Christine Russell, AMS North Erica Micheel, AHS Evan Daniluck, OASIS
Donnell Shrewsbury, Cedar Heather Gorgas, River Birch Janet Craig, Maple
Heather Gillam, White Oak ELC Jessica Perkins, River Birch Joan Gutheridge, Hickory
Jeremy Maxwell, OLC Jodie Burton, River Birch Jordan Spoor, Sycamore
Jodee Ashby, River Birch Kastonia Gray, White Oak ELC Katie Sexton, AIS West
Karen Schilling, Maple Kelly Allen, Cedar Ken Rohl, Transportation
Kellie Rodkey, Avon Academy Kristen Burleson, White Oak ELC Kristi Morrison, White Oak ELC
Krista Fay, Admin Center Lisa Brown, Transportation Lisa Marcum, Transportation
Kristy Lynch, Maple Lori Carmichael-Howell, Admin Center Lori Ellis, AMS South
Logan Posson, AHS Madison Grider, Cedar Marissa Kaiser, White Oak ELC
Lori Lambert, Sycamore Megan Tolen, AMS North Michele Coffman, River Birch
Megan Goers, AHS Molly Hasser, Sycamore Nick Whitlow, Transportation
Michelle Willocks, Maintenance/Facilities Pam Irick, White Oak ELC RaeAnne Kimmel, OASIS
Nikki Harrison, Maple Sarah Waggoner, AHS Savanna Mills, River Birch
Sarah Van Duzer, Pine Tree Stephanie Coppadge, Maple Stefanie Kaper, White Oak ELC
Shante Davis, Cedar Susie Hurt, Admin Center Tara Pedro, AIS East
Stephanie Stafford, Admin Center Veena Narayan, Hickory Zach Rohrbach, AHS
Teresa Clark, Transportation    


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