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Your March '24 ALL Stars

Your March '24 ALL Stars

Each month, you have the chance to nominate any Avon Schools employee who you feel embodies our mission: ALL belong, learn, and grow. In March, you nominated 78 individuals and your encouraging comments will be waiting for them when they return from .

Here's just a sample of your comments about the many ways these ALL Stars make our mission a reality:

  • "I know that with her at River Birch, my son is taken care of socially, emotionally, and academically because she advocates for everyone’s success. She has changed our family’s life and we will forever be in her debt. We love her and see her as a family member!"
  • "She makes kids feel welcome, builds close relationships with them, and challenges them at the level they need."
  • "Her classroom is a wonderful place for all her kiddos. I spend a lot of time in there volunteering and you can tell that all her children feel loved and safe with her. She goes above and beyond to accommodate each child, and makes sure each child is learning new things! My son has thrived in her class this year."
  • "[He] is a terrific teacher. He’s really increasing my student's confidence and language arts skills."
  • "She is constantly working on ways to help students, staff, and families in Avon succeed."
  • "She goes above and beyond to make learning fun and inclusive for all her students."
  • "She has provided us extra resources to help with my son’s speech and is always there when he’s having a tough day. I can tell she truly loves and cares for her kids. She’s a one of a kind teacher."
  • "He's thoughtful and so kind. The kids are always his #1 concern. He takes great care of them and treats them with respect. We love him so much!"

We are grateful for each of our ALL Stars. Be sure to watch for the March nominations to open. Let's keep the positivity and encouragement flowing! 

March '24 ALL Stars

Abby Hall, Cedar Alec Edick, AIS West Alison Sickbert, River Birch
Allison Bourne, AMS North Allison Javit, AIS East Amber Hubble, AIS East
Amber Walters, AIS West Amy Chisham, River Birch Amy Hedges, Admin Center
Andrea Back, River Birch Andrea McCord, Maple Ashley Koontz, AMS South
Blake Battin, Technology Brianna Moss, Admin Center Brianna Pirtle, Sycamore
Camryn Albers, White Oak ELC Cheryl Hughes, River Birch Claire Kaiser, Hickory
Deb America, Cedar Deidra Mitchem, Maple Donna McKnight, AIS East
Elanor Seest, AIS East Emilee Brossoit, Cedar Emily Haney, White Oak ELC
Eric Edwards, Transportation Greta Rohe, Sycamore Jeff Leeke, Maple
Jen Wakefield, Technology Jessica Bischoff, AIS West Jo Ellen Kramer, AIS East
Josie Wilson, Sycamore Kaitlin Wolf, AIS West Kaitlyn Gordon, Cedar
Karmesha Molton, River Birch Kayla Kuepper, Hickory Kelly Schonhoff, AHS
Kenra Johnson, AIS East Kim Rogers, Cedar Kimberly Pelkey, AIS East
Koni Brigham, Maple Kris Blackburn, AIS East Kristy Keith, AHS
Lauren Ruth, River Birch Lilly Markos, White Oak ELC Lilly Yao, AIS East
Linda Dake, AIS East Lora Lewis, Admin Center Lorissa Yoder, AIS West
Madison Grider, Cedar Marissa Johnson, AIS West Mary Abulgubein, Hickory
Mary Nabb, AIS West Megan Gain, Maple Megan Tolen, AMS North
Melinda Allen, AHS Melissa Pickens, River Birch Michael Balkevicius, Technology
Shirley Brinkman, River Birch Nicole King, White Oak ELC Nicole Russell, Cedar
Pam Irick, White Oak ELC Rachel Carner, AMS North Sara Ashby, Sycamore
Sara Brock, River Birch Sarah O'Brien, AIS East Stefka Kostadinova, Maple
Stephanie Althoff, White Oak ELC Stephanie Cranny, AMS North Stephanie Wigger, White Oak ELC
Taylor Mayes, AIS West Taylor Toney, AIS West Tracey Bruner, White Oak ELC
Traci Katterheinrich, Maple Tracy Gray, Admin Center Valerie Ballou, Hickory
Vanessa Fudge, AIS West Will Mahan, AMS South Will Wortman, AMS North



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